Social Media & Diet Culture: What Happens When You Give It Up - counseling services Raleigh NC - Counselor Kate

Social Media Is Like Diet Culture

Diet culture is like social media. It grabs your attention, feeds you a fantasy, and leaves you longing for connection when you’ve decided to kick it to the curb. But by removing yourself (even for a little while) you allow yourself to get clear.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I took a social media sabbatical for about four days. It doesn’t seem like a long time, but it definitely made a difference in my wellbeing.

Quit Hooking Up With Your Eating Disorder - counseling services raleigh nc - counselor kate

How To Quit Hooking Up With Your Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are like an asshole college ex-boyfriend. Super seductive. Keeps you hanging but calls when you’re feeling desperate. Hard to break up with because he makes you feel really good sometimes (but makes you question your self-worth most of the time). After your breakup, you know hooking up is going to make you feel terrible but tell yourself, “It’ll just be this one time. We’re super casual.” (Heartbreak ensues).

Breaking up for good with your eating disorder can be the same way…