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Recovery-Centric Holiday Convo Cheat Sheet

Thanksgiving can be awesome (good food, family, friends, no presents to buy, gratitude) and it can be a drag (eating disorder and diet recovery triggers, family, friends, and lots of small talk or charged conversations). Sometimes it can feel like you need a cheat sheet to get through. So I made one especially for avoiding…

Break Through Diet Culture Bullshit - counseling services raleigh - counselor kate

7 Questions to Break Through Diet Culture Bullshit

It is SO confusing, emotionally draining, and time consuming to critically think about every single thing you read. Sometimes we have to turn it off. However, part of diet culture and eating disorder recovery is learning how to step back from the disordered food thoughts and analyze the information we consume. As you read websites,…

Diets, Eating Disorder & Donut Land-Counselor Kate-Counseling Services-Raleigh, NC

Diets, Eating Disorders & Donut Land, Oh My! (Part 1)

For a lot of folks in eating disorder recovery (or recovery from diet culture), facing your “fear foods” can be revolutionary! If you’ve kept yourself from eating “cheat foods” or “fear foods” that incite feelings of guilt, shame, unworthiness, and failure, then it’s no wonder you might feel liberation and freedom when those same foods…