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15 Non-Diet Conversation Starters

There are SO MANY things to talk about besides diets and food rules! Literally, anything other than those two topics and there’s still a wealth of conversation. But sometimes we get caught in a rut. Dieting and concern about body shape/size are a rite of passage for a lot of women (and increasingly, men). We…

Ditching Diets Goes Beyond the Scale - counseling services Raleigh NC - Counselor Kate

Why Ditching Diets Goes Beyond the Scale

Today is Independence Day in the United States. When I think of independence and freedom, I also think about BODIES. My work is body liberation. Body liberation is the radical idea that all bodies deserve respect, compassion, and equal value. It throws off cultural standards of beauty, saying “Fuck this. I’m not interested in your…

Social Media & Diet Culture: What Happens When You Give It Up - counseling services Raleigh NC - Counselor Kate

Social Media Is Like Diet Culture

Diet culture is like social media. It grabs your attention, feeds you a fantasy, and leaves you longing for connection when you’ve decided to kick it to the curb. But by removing yourself (even for a little while) you allow yourself to get clear.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I took a social media sabbatical for about four days. It doesn’t seem like a long time, but it definitely made a difference in my wellbeing.

Body Image & Weddings: It's Not About The Dress - counseling services raleigh nc - Counselor Kate

It’s Not About the Dress

If you read my last wedding post or have ever been to a wedding, you know there’s a lot of emotion when folks tie the knot. Much of that emotion gets wrapped into body stuff: the dress, attendee’s desired weight loss to meet a size goal or look good for photos, reevaluation of life goals…everyone seems to have their own agenda when it comes to body image and weddings.

I was pretty stuck when it came to getting my own wedding plans off the ground because of these hangups. But, surprisingly, wedding planning actually helped my eating disorder recovery.