Three Secrets About Counselors

Before I started school to become a counselor, I didn’t have much personal experience with therapy. Don’t they talk to you in Serious Voice? Are you supposed to lie on the couch? What if they can read my mind?! A few therapists of my own and lots of counselor friends later, I learned a few things about counselors that might surprise you. Here are a few behind-the-scenes secrets…


What does love look like when the world is effed up?

This question has been on my mind since November…since the beginning of 2017… Yes, it has to do with the election. And other stuff. You fill in the blank. Unless you’ve been in complete isolation (and maybe even if you have), you’ve felt it too: tension, sadness, helplessness, worry, wondering what are years ahead going to look like with so much of our political and social systems unraveling.

Pause. ​

That’s anxiety talking. And yes, I feel it too.