Goodbye, Jacket

Dear Jacket,

Today seemed like the perfect time to pull you out of the closet to complete my look. I’m a fan of your patterned sleeves, cinchable waist, and how you keep me warm in my overly air conditioned office. It’s September! Bring on the boots and trendy outerwear!

But I won’t be wearing you. You don’t fit my arms. ​


Who’s going to walk you down the aisle?

Today, I got my wedding photos. The images radiate joy, excitement, bewilderment (mine–holy shit, we’re really doing this!), and so much love. They capture the essence of our ceremony as we said our vows amid lush summer blooms and sweet smiles from family. Our photographers graciously carpooled with us to our reception site and took candid shots of us toting flowers and dancing shoes.
They got the sentimental tears and loving eyes of family as we thanked folks for their kindness and support. And they got the band. You guys, the band. Talk about a party!

And the whole time, one person was missing. My dad. ​


Three Secrets About Counselors

Before I started school to become a counselor, I didn’t have much personal experience with therapy. Don’t they talk to you in Serious Voice? Are you supposed to lie on the couch? What if they can read my mind?! A few therapists of my own and lots of counselor friends later, I learned a few things about counselors that might surprise you. Here are a few behind-the-scenes secrets…