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Body Image Reboot

Body image woes are exhausting! If you’re ready to stop hating on yourself and find a deeper sense of self-love, it’s time for a Body Image Reboot.

Next session TBD

Investment: $270
​Early bird registration: $245

This is not a cleanse. It’s not a diet. It’s not a promise of landing your fantasy life. It’s a real deal, supportive mindset that can reset and change the way you live life in your body. This group deep dives into research and experiential activities that shed light on the roots of body image issues and how to get unstuck from hating your body.

We’re going to spend six weeks covering the following topics:

1) Body Image: Where does it come from?
2) Body History: What’s your story?
3) Brains and Bodies: Neuroscience and visual media
4) Make Room: Allow space for Past, Present, and Future Body
5) Reclaim: Learn to love your body
6) Reboot: Create a new beginning

Leave group with a feeling of empowerment, a community to keep you lifted as you make changes, and knowledge to back up a more loving relationship with your body.

Next group session TBD. Join the waitlist or ask questions by contacting Kate for more info at (919) 523-8979 or email