Eating Disorder Counseling in Raleigh, NC

I work with folks ages 16 and up dealing with anxiety and disordered eating.

Maybe you feel out of control around food…like it’s nearly impossible to eat a few cookies before the whole sleeve is gone. One snack off-plan and your whole diet goes off the rails. You’ve got a mile-long list of all the diets you’ve tried and “failed.”

On the flip side, perhaps you’re too controlled around food. The thought of dinner with friends sends you into a tailspin because the menu is too calorie-dense. You’ve stopped eating and making your favorite foods (and maybe even believe you no longer like them). You feel mad at yourself and worry about weight gain when you miss a day of exercise.

Think about the sense of relief you can feel…
Without the inner critic policing your food and movement choices.

Without the guilt that takes over after a late-night date with Ben & Jerry.
Without the shame of others discovering the hidden world of your disordered eating.

Here are some of the issues we might work on together:

Anxiety or worries


Grief and loss

Life changes

(job, school, work, parenting)

Disordered eating

(i.e. getting stuck in the diet vortex)

Feeling “stuck” or “lost”

Besides eating disorder counseling, some folks see me because they feel anxiety or gloom no matter how much self-care they’ve done.

Sometimes these feelings are triggered by a life change; other times, it comes on all of a sudden or because of traumas like an accident, assault, or systemic injustice.

If this sounds like you, you might be having a hard time focusing at work; your relationships don’t feel as connected; you might be more tearful or angry, or things just feel “off.” Whatever your symptoms, life is harder when you’re experiencing worry, sadness, or feeling stuck.

Therapy with me is a collaborative process. You bring your life experience and motivation for change; I bring the mental health know-how. When we work together, I’ll ask you to challenge yourself but will cheer you on. We will use a combination of goal-setting, mindfulness, and self-exploration to help you do some internal deep diving. During our sessions, we may use regular “talk therapy,” and other times we may use things like art, music, breathing, and body-centered therapy.

If you have questions about therapy and how it works, check out this post about finding a therapist or contact me! I’m here to demystify the process for you. You deserve to get unstuck and live joyfully!