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When you feel anxious, depressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed, it can be hard to know how to manage thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, counseling services can be helpful for talking through what’s going on. Other times, feeling better may be as easy as taking a few moments to feel your feels and sit with yourself in a mindful way. Here are five strategies to use when you want to feel better fast.  
Disclaimer: The assumption here is that these strategies require nothing but your own internal resources. No buying things. No alcohol or drugs. Just a little time and space with yourself. Not all of these things may work for you, nor do I suggest we have to feel better and forget our problems. Pain has its place, but we don’t always need to stay entirely in the pain in order to heal. The end goal is better functioning overall so we can get through the day one step at a time. If you find yourself stuck in the pain, counseling services can help. 

1. Take a tech break. If you’ve been on the computer, phone, had headphones in, or other general stimulus from technology, it’s time to take a break. Research suggests that prolonged screen time is a leading factor in “computer vision syndrome”–yes that’s a thing–and eye fatigue. Further, the sedentary nature of screen time contributes to a host of other physical ailments (e.g. joint pain, weight gain, even grey matter–brain–atrophy). Use the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look away from the computer for 20 seconds, at something 20 feet away.

2. Take your shoes off. Plant your bare feet on the floor or in nature. This practice, called “earthing,” is becoming less of a counter-culture trend with research to back up positive effects such as boosting immunity, deeper breathing, and reduced inflammation.

3. Breathe. Learning to breathe, whether in counseling services, at home, or through mindfulness courses, can be a gateway to calm. Try this technique: square breathing

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4. Think of 2-3 things you’re grateful for. Gratitude is a powerful practice. My great-grandmother would often tell me that when she couldn’t sleep she would think about the people and things she was grateful for. Think about these things, maybe envision them–a situation, their smile, the feeling it brought you–and hold onto the sensations it brings up for a few breaths.

5. Move your body. Movement in a way that feels good to you is good for your wellbeing. We’re not talking about doing a bunch of burpees or busting your butt at the gym. Move in a way that feels joyful: walking, giving/getting hugs, gardening, gentle stretching…

​I’d love to know how these work for you and other suggestions you may have for feeling better ASAP. If you find yourself stuck and interested in counseling services to help feel better, feel free to contact me.

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