Non Diet Hopes for 2020

Tis the season for diet tips, but we don’t have to engage with diet culture. I want to share a recent experience with you… Beyond the bumping of mixing paint cans, I could hear a faint news-y conversation in the background. There, behind me, was a little TV in the paint store where two morning…

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Diets v. Eating Disorders

I often get asked “What’s the difference between diets and eating disorders?” This post aims to answer that question. If you want the summary: sometimes it’s hard to tell.  Remember that game “Spot The Difference” from childhood? You know, the one with two panels of the same illustration and you spot the differences between the…

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Shut up, food police!

Sometimes it’s difficult to shut up the “food police” (i.e. the voice that is judge and jury about what you should and should not eat). During a recent intuitive eating group, participants came up with statements from their own food police and we practiced coming up with alternative statements.  Alternative statements come from what Evelyn…